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South Atlantic National Research Conference (SANC) Presentations

Following are presentations from the SANC Conference held March 21-22, 2012 in Raleigh, North Carolina.


PresenterPresentation Title
Beskow, Laura Informed Consent for Biobanking (629KB)
Borasky, David Working with Local IRBs in International Research (690KB)
Brody, Julia IRB Adventures in a Community-based Environmental Exposure Study (2MB)
Brody, Julia Pollution Gets Personal: Reporting Exposures to Study Participants (3MB)
Ellis, Ruth Ethical Considerations in Community-Engaged Resarch in International Studies (1MB)
Jolly, David and Kate MacQueen Community Based Participatory Research in Action (969KB)
Key, Janice Community Engaged Research: Partnerships With Schools (2MB)
Levine, Robert Applying Flexibility in the Regulations (44KB)
Levine, Robert Belmont Report: Guidance for Community Research? (50KB)
MacQueen, Kate and David Jolly Doing Community Engagement: A Community Engagement Exercise (715KB)
McCammon, Susan Community Engaged Research: Partnerships With Schools (454KB)
Nevarez, Harriet EFIC in Action – Experiences From an on-going Clinical Trial (1MB)
Pavao, Carlos A.O. Community Engagement Efforts at NIH: Examining Best Practices to Bridge Community and Research Agendas (1MB)
Pritchard, Ivor Regulatory Flexibilities in 45 CRF 46 (66KB)
Pritchard, Ivor The Role of IRBs in Reviewing Community-Engaged Research? (336KB)
Riley, Margaret Foster EFIC Research Concerns, New Methods and Thinking About the Future (Especially the Internet) (278KB)
Shore, Nancy Belmont Report: Working With Communities (586KB)

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