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Advancing Research on Mixtures: New Perspectives and Approaches for Predicting Adverse Human Health Effects

September 26-27, 2011
Sheraton Chapel Hill
1 Europa Dr.
Chapel Hill, NC 27517

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Workshop Goals

The goal of the NIEHS Mixtures Workshop is to identify and focus on key issues that present challenges in mixtures research (for this workshop, "mixtures" includes combined independent exposures). The NIEHS will use the results from the workshop to inform the development of an intramural and extramural mixtures research strategy. This workshop will also provide input to the scientific community for advancing mixtures research.


Specifically, this workshop will:

  • Identify and prioritize the knowledge gaps and challenges in mixtures research specific to each of the following disciplines: toxicology, epidemiology, exposure science, risk assessment, and statistics
  • Obtain advice on integrating multidisciplinary capabilities to address critical topics in mixtures research (see topics below)
  • Provide recommendations for research on key topics
  • Inform the development of a long-term NIEHS mixtures research agenda
  • Foster collaborations between extramural and NIEHS scientists

Workshop Product

Discussions from the workshop will be captured in a manuscript in the peer-reviewed literature. This manuscript will describe suggestions for future directions in mixtures research for both NIEHS scientists and the broader research community.



This workshop is organized by NIEHS Divisions of Extramural Research and Training (DERT), the National Toxicology Program (DNTP), and Intramural Research (DIR)

Space is limited at this workshop and participants have been invited. If you are interested in being an observer, please register as soon as possible (see link to registration page below). Registration will close September 12, 2011. Please contact Danielle Carlin at  if you have any questions.

Key Topics for Discussion

Breakout Group 1 Topic - Modeling Mixture Toxicity: Constraints of Extrapolation
What are recommended research approaches to overcome the key challenges to the application of predictive models of mixture toxicity (e.g. dose addition, sufficient similarity of complex mixtures, or alternative models)?

Breakout Group 2 Topic - Exposure Assessment: Making Sense of Biomonitoring Data
How can we use exposure data (e.g. the Exposure Biology Program, NHANES, and the exposome) in designing toxicology and epidemiology studies to better understand the contribution of environmental exposures to human disease?

Breakout Group 3 Topic - Epidemiology: Reconciling Epidemiological and Toxicological Approaches to Mixtures
What are suggested research strategies that incorporate lessons from both epidemiology and toxicology to increase our understanding of the role of environmentally-relevant mixtures in human disease?

Breakout Group 4 Topic - Chemical Interactions: Predicting the Unpredictable
What types of in vitro to in vivo approaches are needed to screen chemicals for potential interactions and how can they best be applied to provide biologically-meaningful information?

Breakout Group 5 Topic - Temporal Mixtures
What types of research approaches are required to elucidate principles of both mixture exposures and associated health effects across time?

Agenda at a Glance


September 26, 2011 - Day 1
John Bucher
Introduction to Workshop
Cynthia Rider
Charge for Day 1 Breakout
Danielle Carlin
11:35 -12:30
Day 1 Breakout: Discipline-based Groups Identify Critical Research Issues
Lunch (box lunch available for purchase)
Day 1 Breakout (continued)
Biology/Toxicology (66KB)
Epidemiology (53KB)
Exposure Science (53KB)
Risk Assessment (89KB)
Statistics (54KB)
Report back/discussion
Mike DeVito (chairperson)
September 27, 2011 - Day 2
Welcome (837KB)
Linda Birnbaum
Charge for Day 2 Breakout
Claudia Thompson
10:15 -12:00
Day 2 Breakout: Multidisciplinary Groups Address Key Topics
Lunch (box lunch available for purchase)
Report back/discussion
Chairperson: Claudia Thompson
Rick Woychik


Danielle Carlin
Phone: 919.541.1409


Cynthia Rider
Phone: 919.541.7638

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