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Your Environment. Your Health.

ELSI Workshop, November 13-14, 2005

National Twin Registry

Agenda and Welcome Letter

  • ELSI workshop welcome letter  
  • Workshop agenda  


List of Workshop Members

[ ELSIWorkshop-members.pdf (7KB) , ELSIWorkshop-members.doc (25KB) ]


Paul Lombardo, JD, Ph.D.  [ Lombardo-Bio.pdf (19KB) , Lombardo-Bio.doc (29KB) ]
University of Virginia

Linda Corey, Ph.D.  [ Corey-Bio.pdf (11KB) , Corey-Bio.doc (24KB) ]
Virginia Commonwealth University

Jack Goldberg, Ph.D.  [ Goldberg-Bio.pdf (17KB) , Goldberg-Bio.doc (25KB) ]
University of Washington

Jeffrey Botkin, M.D., M.P.H.  [ Botkin-bio.pdf (16KB) , Botkin-bio.doc (23KB) ]
University of Utah

Mildred Cho, Ph.D.  [ Cho-bio.pdf (17KB) , Cho-bio.doc (24KB) ]
Stanford University

Jessica Hobart  [ Hobart-Bio.pdf (17KB) , Hobart-Bio.doc (24KB) ]
Genetic Alliance, Johns Hopkins University - Masters Candidate

Goldie Byrd, Ph.D.  [ Byrd-Bio.pdf (17KB) , Byrd-Bio.doc (25KB) ]
NC A&T State University

Robert Millikan, DVM, Ph.D.  [ millikan-bio.pdf (18KB) , millikan-bio.doc (25KB) ]
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill


  • Community Involvement in a Study of Alzheimer’s disease in African Americans
  • Data sharing and security
  • Twin Registries: Ethical, Legal and Social Issues
  • Ethical Issues in Recruitment for Genetic Research
  • A Model for Storing Data and Biological Samples
  • Preliminary Report - Summary of ELSI issues from twin registry directors survey
  • The Effect of Race on Survey Response Rates

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