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Amounts Available for Obligation

FY 2006 Budget

Source of FundingFY 2004 ActualFY 2005 AppropriationFY 2006 Estimate
Enacted Rescissions(4,582,000)(5,522,000)---
Subtotal, Adjusted Appropriation632,392,000644,505,000647,608,000
Real transfer under NIH Director's one-percent transfer authority to other ICs   
Comparative transfer to NIBIB for Radiology Program   
Comparative transfer to Buildings and Facilities   
Comparative transfer to/from other NIH ICs for NIH Roadmap   
Subtotal, adjusted budget authority631,063,000644,505,000647,608,000
Unobligated Balance, start of year000
Unobligated Balance, end of year000
Subtotal, adjusted budget authority631,063,000644,505,000647,608,000
Unobligated balance lapsing(56,000)------
   Total obligations$631,007,000$644,505,000$647,608,000


Note: Excludes the following amounts for reimbursable activities carried out by this account:

  • FY 2004 - $ 16,620,666 FY 2005 - $17,000,000 FY 2006 - $17,000,000
  • Excludes $76,184 in FY 2005 and $169,333 in FY 2006 for royalties.

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